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Yucaipa Valley National Little League

Good morning YVNLL family. I wanted to write everyone and let you know of the updates my board and I have gotten from LLI and Western Regional. As of today I have submitted an email to the City of Yucaipa to ask about restarting our season starting May 18th, 2 weeks from now. I have clear instructions from our District Administrator, Howard Reaves about how games and practice are going to look until all restrictions are lifted.


I know many of you have invested numerous days and hours into keeping your children and this league running safely and strong. My board and I are very appreciative of everyone that helps us keep this league running. With that being said if our season is allowed to continue as planned LLI and Western Regional have put some restrictions on what they want to see from us. Below is a list of guidelines that Western Regional has put on us.

  1. All managers, coaches and players must wear a mask during practices and games.
  2. All managers, coaches and umpires must keep a six (6) foot radius from one another.
  3. All families at practice or games must keep a six (6) foot radius from one another.
  4. Plate umpires must work behind the pitcher to keep the distance minimum.
  5. All players that are not in the field on defense or not up to bat on offense must be sitting with their families. Only the on deck batter will be allowed in the dugout as well as one adult coach with the distance minimum.
  6. No shared equipment will be used by any player. Players with no equipment need to discuss this with the League Equipment Manager.
  7. The line at the snack bar must be one person every six (6) feet.


I as a parent myself have contacted our District 58 DA and Western Regional about these concerns. I have yet to get a response. I have been reassured that District, Regional and State Tournaments will be scheduled this year even though Regional and LL World Series will not be. I understand the frustration that everyone is feeling, and my myself and my board are working with LLI to try and make the best of the season we will have this Spring. We do not know how long this modified season will be yet, once we hear from Western Regional about All Star Tournaments we can plan our schedule accordingly.


Senior board members have been working on a schedule for those that wish to remove their child from Spring registration. Please be aware that there are costs that the league has incurred that are non-refundable. Also, not every refund will be the same because of processing and city fees.


With that being said all of this is dependent on the City of Yucaipa, Parks and the City Managers office signing off on letting us use the game fields and practice fields we use. Once the board has received word from the City we will get that information our to all of you.


Again, I want to thank EVERYONE for being so patient with LLI, Western Regional and YVNLL as we navigate this unprecedented time is history. If anyone has any questions, which I am sure there are alot. Please do not hesitate to email me at I want to thank you again, and stay safe.


Matthew C. Hill

YVNLL President

Yucaipa Valley National Little League Sponsors

These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click here to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities


These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click here to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities


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YVNLL is looking for umpires! Parents, Grandparents, older brothers or sisters, even your neighbor could be interested. For more information and to sign up, register below and our Chief Umpire will reach out to you soon. 

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If you'd like to assist our players or coaches on the field, please click the link below. Fill out the form, and return it to the "Snack Shack" with a picture ID. 

Volunteer Form

Be a Part of YVNLL History

Yucaipa Valley National Little League invites you to be part of a special commemorative opportunity.  Help us keep YVNLL a vibrant and strong part of the Yucaipa community by purchasing an engraved brick for our pathway to the 13th Street Sports Complex.  All proceeds from this effort will be used to complete important capital improvements at our fields. 

This unique opportunity will allow you to memorialize your family’s place in Yucaipa Valley National Little League's history and create a lasting presence that will impact generations to come.  These custom tiles will be prominently placed on the main pathway to our fields.  Purchase a brick (or more) for your family, your children, a favorite coach, in memory of a loved one, for your business or client and become permanently associated with Yucaipa Valley National Little League.  Each sponsored brick will be visible to all those that walk along the pathway.

Be a part of YVNLL history!


Sponsorship Opportunities Available!

Yucaipa Valley National Little League would like to ask for your support in sponsoring our league for the Spring Season.  

Your generosity allows us to operate the league each year, enhance our fields, buy or upgrade equipment, purchase uniforms, train our volunteers, and never turn away a child from playing baseball.  

Reap the rewards of sponsorship through community exposure to hundreds of players, volunteers, parents, grandparents and other fans of the game during our approximately 270 game season.  The 13th Street Sports Complex, home of YVNLL, also has great visibility in our community – your sponsorship banner will be seen by hundreds of residents and visitors to Yucaipa during our season.  This is also an incredible opportunity to also make a difference in the lives of the children in our community.  

  Visit our Sponsors page for package information.